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  • Q What are featured on planetary gearbox motors?

    A The main characteristics of planetary gear transmission are small size, large carrying capacity and stable Work. however, high-power high-speed planetary gear transmission structure is more complex, requiring manufacturing Precision. Some types of planetary gears are of high efficiency, but with little transmission ratios. Others have a large transmission ratio, but are less efficient. When used as a reducer, the efficiency decreases with the increase of the transmission ratio, and it is possible to generate self-locking in the case of an accelerating device.
  • Q What is the advantages and disadvantage of the DC MOTOR?

    DC motor have the performance with fast response , a large starting torque,
    it can provide rated torque from zero speed to rated speed . But advantages of the DC motor is what its shortcomings, because the DC
    motor produce constant rated load torque , then the armature magnetic field and rotor magnetic field must be constant maintenance of 90 ° , which would produce sparks, toner form carbon brush and commutator in the motor rotation , it will not only make group damaged, but also the using is limited.

    A By definition, a brushless DC motor is a synchronous electric motor powered by DC power and is electronically commutated. BLDC motors are a derivative of the most common used DC motor, the brushed DC motor. Mechanically, BLDC and brushed DC motors are direct opposites. The windings of a BLDC motor are affixed to the motor's housing, whereas, the windings of a brushed DC motor are affixed to the motor’s shaft. In addition, the magnets of a BLDC motor are affixed to the motor’s shaft, whereas, the magnets of a brushed DC motor are affixed to the motor’s housing Another primary difference between brushed DC and BLDC motors is the method in which each type is commutated. Commutation is the act of changing the motor phase currents at the appropriate times to produce rotational torque. Due to its mechanical structure, brushed DC motors use brushes to commutate the motor. BLDC motors do not have brushes and rely on electronics for commutation.


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